Club Frantoio at Kiler Ridge Olive Farm

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One-time membership fee of $10 includes gift of a

Kiler Ridge logo ballcap with first shipment.


Call or email us if you have questions:



Members Receive Fresh, Delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Twice Yearly Shipments in May and November

  2. 3-4 Selected Bottles of EVOO per shipment

  3. Cost per shipment is $100.00 (full-price value over $100 and free shipping)

  4. One-time membership fee is $10.00 and includes free hat with first shipment

Other Member Perks   

  1. First access to limited availability EVOOs and special offers

  2. Invitations to complementary pick-up parties

  3. Free tasting when visiting the farm for up to 6 people

  4. 10% discount on all EVOO when visiting the farm

  5. Monthly newsletter with recipes

  6. Happy heart!

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